Review: A Quiet Place II

I recall after the first film came out Krasinski said he would not be interested in making a sequel unless he felt like it was made for the right reasons, so that might have been the only thing giving me a bit of hope that this film would be decent. I skipped ALL the trailers for the film and it paid dividends as I went in completely blind and ended up being surprised by a few big things particularly in the casting department. I had no clue Cilian Murphy was in this and he is fantastic (as usual). As is the rest of the returning cast. I don’t want to give away too much of the film, but it takes a turn I did not expect and it was just what I think was needed to keep things fresh enough when you are dealing with a film that largely hinges on the tried and true suspense and tension formula that was so effective in the original.

The films opening scene sets the tone and is quite honestly executed perfectly as it pulls you right back into this universe and makes you excited for everything you are about to witness. There is one thing in the opening that I found particularly well done and unnerving but if you know me, you know I don’t do spoilers. A movie is so much better when you go in knowing nothing about it in my opinion. While A Quiet Place II does tread some old ground when it comes to the basic concept that it’s set pieces are built upon and some characters make extremely questionable choices to facilitate the plot and action. However it doesn’t stop Krasinski from ramping up the tension to a 10 on the stress meter. He really does a fantastic job weaving in each characters journey simultaneously to maximum effect. The majority of the films runtime will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s not all action though, as much like it’s predecessor, A Quiet Place II has a ton of heart particularly when revolving around the excellent Millicent Simmonds returning character of the Abbot’s deaf daughter Regan. Those who have seen the original will remember how great she was and here she is truly the heart and soul of the sequel. Emily Blunt must also be mentioned as she is absolutely game and pulls a lot of the emotional weight as well. Special mention must be made of the excellent score by Marco Beltrami who really just adds the cherry on top to the overall ominous and desperate tone and feel of the film, which stays very close to the original while still pushing the concept and world to new places.

A Quiet Place II is the total package and everything I could have wanted out of a sequel while still giving me things I would not have expected. John Krasinski has done an excellent job continuing the story of the first film and shows a natural talent for direction. I highly recommend checking this one out when you feel comfortable doing so because despite any minor flaws or nitpicks it or I may have, it is so well made you can’t help but feel satisfied.

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