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Everyone knows how much of a Chucky fan I am and the original Child’s Play is right up there with Halloween in a tie for the title of my favorite horror film ever. So any excuse I can get to work on some new Child’s Play stuff, I will take it. I have done a wide variety of Child’s Play themed shoots and posters already so if I was going to do another I had to be sure it was something different and this new poster may be my favorite yet.

When Marc from Popcorn Frights had contacted me saying they may do a screening for the original film sometime soon, he asked me if I would be interested in creating a poster for the event. It being Child’s Play and something I enjoy doing, I of course said immediately said yes, so while nothing was set in stone, I got started working on some ideas just to try to get back into the swing of things and really get creative and productive again. While I had a few ideas, I feel my first intial concept was the best one and I floated the idea to Marc and he said he loved it but it wouldn’t be something they could use to promote via their advertisements due to text percentage restrictions, with that in mind, I decided to finish it anyway because I liked how it was turning out.

The obvious or not so obvious inspiration for this design is an homage to the one sheet for the 1978 horror film MAGIC starring Anthony Hopkins. That film’s poster featured an image of a frightening ventriloquist dummy that for years creeped me out. So when I was playing with ideas, doing an homage to another film with a creepy doll like figure seemed very fitting. I generally like to create completely new images when the opportunity allows for it and I have certainly done that for previous Child’s Play posters, however this one felt right and I went ahead with it. The trick would be to find the perfect image of Chucky that not only matched the creepy vibe of the original Magic dummy image, but also to utilize one that represented just how creepy I found him to be when I was a kid. After shooting some images with my Good Guy Doll, I had some I liked but had this one picture in my head that I couldn’t quite place until I finally came across it while playing the original film as background while I worked. As soon as I saw it, everything just fell into place. That wide eyed dead stare was just what I had been envisioned in my head when trying to come up with a creepy Chucky poster. Have a look below to see the final result and see if you agree. If you are feeling the poster then just a heads up, we will have a limited number of smaller prints of this poster available and on sale at the Popcorn Frights screening of the film on Feb 9th at O Cinema in Wynwood, Miami and more than likely after that we will have some more online to sell on our site store. You can find more info on the screening at the bottom of this article.

Child's Play 1 sheet

Child’s Play will be screening on February 9th at 11:30 pm at the O-Cinema theater in Wynwood, Miami. You can grab your tickets here 






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