I often find myself going back through the hundreds of photos I shoot to look them over with fresh eyes. I love to come back to them and see if something clicks that didn’t on the first round of edits. Usually I know exactly what I am going for; however, on my “Movie Night” shoot with my friend and frequent collaborator Holly, I was pressed for time as I had to schedule it right before a trip. She looked fantastic and did a great job as usual and the layout, props, etc. were all to my liking as well, but the lighting was a different story. I took what I had and worked on editing it as best I could and was happy with the results. People who saw the pics enjoyed them and the vibrant purple/pink tones in the background made the image pop but, without a deadline, I was able to mess around with the photos more and everything came together the other night.

The new alterations I made clicked and grabbed the feel I was originally wanted. The original photos are bright, colorful, and fun, which serve as a nice contrast to the grim subject matter of the shoot. On the flip side, these new edits feel more in line with my original vision which is mostly left open to viewer interpretation of how this scene came to be.

In the end I enjoy all the versions of these shots for varying reasons and just illustrates how little tweaks here and there can change the entire feel of an image.