If someone had told you a month ago that John Krasinski would end up directing one of the best horror films of 2018 you probably would have looked at them like they were crazy. Well put those crazy looks away because that is exactly what he has done with A Quiet Place. Krasinksi not only directed the film but he also stars in it along with his real life wife Emily Blunt. This film from start to finish is a good one so lets get just a tiny bit deeper into why without spoiling anything for you guys because this is one that you will want to go in knowing as little as possible. This will be short but to the point.

So I wont go too in depth with this review because the film will work so much better without knowing the specifics. So here are the things you should know before you go to see the film and if you are on the fence, hopefully these will push you over the edge.

It is 100% a monster movie:

Upon seeing the initial teaser trailer, I distinctly got a “It Comes At Night” vibe. Which actually worried me, because I was so pumped for that film, but realized that the A24 marketing team once again pulled an okie doke on audiences, when it it turned out to be something very different than what was advertised. However let me rest any concerns right off the bat, the film is a monster movie, and it is a great monster movie at that. So horror fans if you love monsters, go see this film.

The direction is stellar:

As a huge fan of the office, I was very interested to see what John Krasinksi would do when directing a horror film. I am pleased to say that he truly impressed me as A Quiet Place is brilliantly directed. Not only is it a beautiful looking film, no doubt in part to the lush cinemtography of Charlotte Bruus Christensen which captures the upstate New York locale perfectly, the majority of the films suspense sequences are staged to perfection and will leave you on the edge of your seat through much of the films runtime. The use of silence and sound is also handled with great skill and helps craft the world the story takes place in. This movie is incredibly intense and suspenseful and I would liken it to having a similar tone as 10 Cloverfield Lane (which is high praise from me)

A monster movie with heart:

While A Quiet Place is a monster movie, at it’s core it is all about family. The love of this one family in particular and how they relate to eachother in the face of constant danger. How one family adapts to living in silence, a silence that is essential to their survival. The cast all do great work and it is cool to see Krasinksi and Blunt play an on screen couple and let their chemistry do much of the work. The rest of the small cast includes Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe and Cade Woodward as the couples young children. They all are really solid child actors and everyone works well together. Throughout the horror there are fantastic little heartfelt moments between family members that really leave you caring about these characters and concerned for their well being. Something that is so important in a serious horror film for it to be effective.

There is so much more that CAN be said about this film, but for a film that relies on it’s uncomfortable silence, it is fitting I would keep my mouth shut on most of the plot or happenings. All I can really do is try to persuade you by saying A Quiet Place is probably the most intense and suspenseful horror film you will see this year. We were literally squirming in our seat and holding our breath throughout and I am willing to bet most of you will do the same. I hope this movie does great because Krasinski really deserves to win big with this one. I think as horror fans we should all help him do that.