As a movie poster fanatic, I would be remiss if I didn’t post about the beautiful poster campaign for the upcoming Darren Aronofsky film Mother starring Jennifer Lawrence. In a day and age where movie poster designs range from awful to god awful, these are a breath of fresh air. 

There are a number of different poster designs so lets go over each one. This painted image is just absolutely amazing and I almost cannot believe that it belongs to a film getting a theatrical release in 2017. Everything about it is just so perfectly done and this is easily my favorite of the bunch. I have not seen the film yet, so I cannot speak as to how well it represents the film as a whole, but as far as peaking interest goes, this one is at the top of the list.


My second favorite of the bunch is the one pictured below, It is just a strikingly eerie image where Jennifer Lawerence looks as if she is a statue right down to the cracks in the paint and chips on her face. This one is also great because like the one above I think it is a pretty safe bet that at no point in the film does Jennifer Lawrence character turn into a statue of any kind, so this poster makes me interested in seeing just how it represents what is happening in the film itself. Just another well done one sheet design.


This third one sheet design is a blatant homage to the Rosemary’s Baby poster and I have to say that even though it totally copies that image, I still think it is a truly good looking poster, I love the color pallette as it adds to the eye catching nature of the image. Though the fact that it is such a blatant copy of the Rosemary’s Baby poster had many people online wondering if this was an actual secret remake of the film, particularly with the Paramount involvement.


The next image is centered around Javier Bardem’s character, and the more I look at it the more I like it, particularly the faces in the fire behind him. Another great piece of art associated with the film and it is so refreshing to see this type of work being utilized these days. I also have NO clue what is going on in the image but again, it makes me want to find out more about the film.

The final image is probably the most mainstream of the bunch but that doesnt mean it isnt a good image, it just doesnt really compare to the previous ones and it doesn’t necessarily provide me with the same level of intrigue as the others do aside from the crack going through it and Jennifer Lawrences character. That certainly represents some type of fracture, whether it be mentally or relationship wise between the two leads. Still as far as modern posters go it is still nicely done and I particularly like the level of contrast it has.


So those are the posters for MOTHER!  and if those arent enough to pique your interest then let me present to you the trailer in the event you haven’t seen it yet.