It seemed fitting to relaunch this newly revamped version of TrueHorror on Friday the 13th.  To help with the celebration of both, we have an all new photo set with our friend Amber.  Amber is a die hard Friday the 13th fan and was more than happy to get in on the fun and help us out with our latest shoot.

Upon discussing with Amber what would be an ideal shoot for us to collaborate on, it became pretty clear that due to her love for the franchise, it would have to be Friday the 13th inspired. Then when I knew the site would relaunch on Friday the 13th, it was a definite. So after finding a perfect spot we headed out with a few shots in mind to help capture the Friday the 13th vibe to help celebrate horror fan’s second favorite holiday. The morning of the shoot was perfect, sunny and cool, then by the time we got ready to head out, the clouds rolled in and soon enough it was pouring. To add insult to injury, the friend that we had got to stand in for Jason Voorhees had been involved in a minor car accident the night before and became unavailable due to the incident. Once we got to the park none of that mattered much, the rain stopped and Amber’s enthusiasm and energy made for a really fun time shooting. She really gave it her all and made it extra difficult to choose the best photos to edit because she looked great in all of them. For having never done a photoshoot before she felt like a natural. I hope we get to do many more shoots and projects together in the future. I was honored that she trusted me enough to help her through this first shoot and the results speak for themselves. Special thanks also has to go to my buddy Dany for all his help on this shoot. We shot a bunch of cool shots and I edited a few choice ones to share today to help launch the new version of the site. Soon enough there will be more added to this post, but for now, we think you will enjoy checking out what we created. Amber did a great job for it being her first time ever shooting and I really am happy with the results. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!