Hard to believe it has already been 21 years since we were all introduced to Wes Craven’s SCREAM. Over the years since his debut on December 20th, 1996 horror fans have witnessed Ghostface become a certified horror icon inspiring 3 sequels, spoofs, a somehow successful TV series, and countless merchandise. Think about Halloween every year since it’s release and how many Ghostface costumes you have seeen. The mask itself is an image that will forever be etched in pop culture and with good reason.

While I fully enjoy and respect Screams place in the horror ranks, it is Amber who counts it among her absolute favorites. Scream is second only to her love of Friday the 13th, so it was only fitting we do a shoot inspired by it. These shots were actually taken a long while back but I had been holding onto them ever since, while getting an earful from her for doing so every couple weeks. Well it seemed like no time would be better to share them than when she reminded me that today is the original films 21st anniversary and I knew I would never hear the end of it if I didn’t (even though she will just find something else to give me an earful about once these are posted).

I suspect she possibly thinks I don’t like these photos because I held onto them so long, when in reality I love them and am happy to finally share them. There wasn’t a big elaborate concept behind this shoot other than to fem up the ghostface costume a bit and take a few simple and sexy photos in line with the sites previous “Blood, Babes and Boogeymen” shots inspired by other horror icons. I think she looks pretty amazing in them and think she really did good considering that when these were taken it was only her second photoshoot with me. We have debated often about the merits of the rest of the series with her arguing why it’s one of the best and most consistent horror franchises to which I don’t totally agree with (I am sure I will receive the “You’re Dead To Me” text again for the second time this week after she reads that) but I cannot deny part 1 is a classic and I will also say that thanks to her sitting me down and watching Scream 4 with me earlier this year that I have a newfound appreciation for that film for sure. So she can’t hate me too much! Besides we can all agree that there are only so many true horror icons that have emerged since the 80’s ended and Ghostface is easily one of the biggest.

Throughout the year Amber has been the perfect muse and has helped inspire and motivate me to work on these projects we love, her being such a big part of it all has only made it that much more fun and no matter how much we may bicker at times, there isn’t anyone else I would rather do all this with. I posted my favorite image from the shoot below as well as the others in a gallery at the bottom. I know she will be reading this so I will just say thank you, I can’t wait to see what cool stuff we cook up together in this upcoming new year!