Excited (as always) to share this latest photoshoot with you all!

The concept Nicole and I landed on was loosely inspired by the Succubus who is a demon that takes the form of a woman in order to seduce it’s prey. I really liked the concept of a woman who had just picked the bones clean of an unsuspecting victim whom she had lured into her clutches. Nicole was into this idea and I thought she would be able to pull it off and as you will no doubt see for yourself below.

Now generally Succubi (thats the plural I guess?) have wings and tails, which of course is really awesome, but here we opted for a more simple approach for a few reasons, of course one of those being budget, but I knew if we got the imagery of her victims eaten corpse, that it would all fall into place and result in some creepy and equally sexy images. I think we pulled that off here and think the photos speak for themselves. Nicole came into this ready to go and was not shy when it came to getting messy for this shoot. She really was a trooper through this one and have to thank her so much for that.

Also, as many of you know, we at TrueHorror.net love creating our faux movie posters and this project afforded us the opportunity to create one of our most striking yet, in the form of the “Maneater” one sheet you will see at the end of this post. I am especially proud with how that turned out and very pleased to add Nicole and these images to our site as she did a great job and is a welcome addition to the TrueHorror.net family.

Be sure to follow Nicole on instagram @findnicolehere to see some of her other shoots and cosplay work. These shots hold true to our Blood, Babes, and Boogeymen slogan. Hope you all enjoy!