Woman in a sexy Evil Dead Photoshoot

I have known Diana for many years now. She is definitely one of my favorite people I have met through this whole photography aspect of my life. We have since become great friends and I am always excited whenever the chance arises for us to collaborate on something. This time was no different.

We had these different photos of her laying in bed that on there own are great to begin with, but we wanted to turn them into something more. So the trick was to come up with something to do with them that turned them into “TrueHorror” photos. We thought about it for a while and she trusted that I would eventually come up with an idea that she would love. So after a week or two of staring at them and brainstorming, I came up with the idea of distorting her eyes into these white non pupil having ones, that in turn made me think of the “deadites” from the Evil Dead films.

I loved the contrast of her black and white sweater and the orange sheets which further cemented the idea that I would hold off on showing these off till October as they fit perfectly. I also really dig how she is still able to exude sexiness even with her new creepy eyes. We are both really psyched with how they turned out and hope they help you all get into the mood for this horrifically wonderful time of year.