For our third installment in our ongoing Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen series, we are taking it back to the year 1989. This was the year that video game publisher LJN released the Friday the 13th Video Game onto the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a pitiful game at the time that no one really seemed to really enjoy other than the fact that we were being chased by an oddly colored Jason 8-bit sprite version of everyones favorite Crystal Lake dweller, Jason Voorhees. The game came and went and that was that, outside of a few collectors here and there, no one really care or often times, remembered this game existed.

It wasn’t until as recently as 2013 when a poster going by the handle Dogmatic on a message board named Movie Maniacs, decided to repaint his Jason Voorhees figure to match the odd color scheme found in this old game. Well soon after that he showed it to toy company NECA who quickly capitalized on the great idea (giving him credit as well) and proceeded to create an official action figure of this purple and sea blue Jason. Next thing you know, everyone is getting in on the craze and it has now become one of his iconic looks. Thats the short version of that story, Now we get to our shoot.

Erika and I had been wanting to work together on something for a while but never got timing or concept right. When I decided to expand on the Blood, Babes and Boogeymen concept that the perfect opportunity arose. Erika had recently dyed her hair a vibrant shade of blue, it instantly reminded me of the popular NES Jasons mask and I also knew that Erika was an avid gamer and horror fan. So when I asked her about doing the Jason character she was really into it. We figured this would be a much more eye catching version of Jason to interpret and we feel after finishing them up that you would definitely agree. We are definitely excited with the results and are pleased to welcome Erika into the family with such a fun shoot. There will be more from this shoot updated to the post soon as well. So be sure to check back soon!