As we enter the stretch run of October, everyone is equally as excited for Halloween as they are depressed our favorite season will be over. Everyone is trying to get as much Halloween fun in as possible before the dreaded November 1st arrives and we here at are no different so Amber and I have an all new photoset filled with October Horror vibes to share with you. After a fun (yet hot) day out at a Pumpkin Patch (or what passes for one in South Florida this time of year), we got started on shooting some new photos where we really didn’t have an exact concept in mind, other than knowing it would include a customized hand drawn mask, blood and VHS tapes. That was it, but that for us was a big part of the fun we had while shooting it. Amber is obviously one of my favorite people in general and also to shoot with and she gets better with every time we do something. This one was us just hanging out, finding some props around the house and seeing what worked and what didn’t. These were all shot in my bedroom and edited from there on.  I must also give big credit to Kirk Demarais who’s beautiful painting “Nightlife” was utilized as the background imagery for many of our final images. I tried using various photos of VHS store fronts and none of them had the slightly surreal effect that trying out his work did. His website is secretfunspot.blogspot The painting itself Is a wonderful piece of art that you can find here

There was a time recently where I sadly lost the passion for shooting these types of photos and truth be told if it weren’t for Amber pushing me to get back to doing what I love, I am not sure I would have picked the camera back up anytime soon. She really has kept this site alive recently with her commitment to it and she motivated me to get back to it myself and be proud of it. I hope she is proud of all the contributions she has made to the site and hope she feels like a big part of it because she absolutely is. While her and I have done some really cool shoots recently that I loved like Riverdale and Happy Death Day, this one is the one where I finally most felt like myself again when it came to shooting. It was so much damn fun to do and the mood was so relaxed. Every pic we took felt better than the one before it which is always a the best feeling when taking photos. She looked so awesome and worked the hell out of that mask giving me a big selection of photos to choose from to edit. So while these photos are just a bit more abstract when it comes to a narrative or story behind them, I think the images turned out quite beautiful with the perfect Halloween touches sprinkled throughout. It was cool to be able to incorporate the VHS stuff and video store into the images. There are a few here in particular which are truthfully some of my favorite I have ever done. I also added a couple candid, behind the scenes shots at the end of the gallery for fun. I am also sure I will be editing more of these before the months over and beyond that because there is so much good material here to work with.

Sometimes my favorite shoots are things that we create that don’t have to adhere to any guidelines from something that is an existing property.  Because you can just try things out and see what you like. So something like this was just what the doctor ordered and we think and hope these will help you guys get even more excited for Halloween and equally be bummed that it’s all almost over, luckily for all of us it isn’t over just yet! Happy Halloween.