Welcome to the first day of our official “Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen” celebration.

October, as all us horror fans know is the best time to celebrate the spooky and macabre for 31 days straight, culminating on Halloween. We here at TrueHorror.net thought it was the perfect time to take our tagline a bit more literal and create something ideal to help everyone get in the spirit of the season. This set is the first in a series that we will reveal one at a time, each day this week.

We are extremely excited to share these with everybody. So, without further ado…

Here is our friend Marilyn portraying the “Fox” killer from one of our favorite recent films “You’re Next”. This shoot was a blast and Marilyn really put her all into getting the shots we needed as this is not something she normally does. Special thanks to Daisy for all her assistance during this shoot as well. I think we were able to find a perfect balance between keeping the recognizable physical traits of the character intact while adding out own TrueHorror.net sexy twist to it.

In the instance you have not seen director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett’s “You’re Next”, we highly recommend it as it is really fresh new take on the home invasion sub genre of horror flicks, that is great to watch with a group of people who can have fun with an entertaining and gory thrill ride. We encourage you to check it out and enjoy it just as we hope you enjoy the photos we have created to honor this memorable film.