By Amber

Are you ready for 2018? If you had told me Tommy Wiseau would get The Room remade into a golden globe winning movie, Tonya Harding applauded at the award ceremonies, and a horror movie getting nominated the most prestigious awards, I would have believed 2017 was nothing but a lie. Yet, here I am and open to anything crazy happening in 2018.  Yes 2017 was one of the best year horror movies have ever had, but going with the trend, I’m thinking 2018 could bring on some surprises.

January 2018

Insidious Chapter 4: I loved one, liked two, accepted three, but four? From what I am hearing, it’s missable.  Bring back the original cast and I’ll give this series a second look.

Prediction- Skippable unless you need to know the conclusion that probably isn’t actually the conclusion.

Before I Wake– Netlix is acting like this movie was theirs, but I definitely saw this in 2016 and forgot about it. Really cool concept, just not that memorable.

Prediction-It’s okay.

Mom and Dad– Apparently Nicolas Cage is going batshit crazy and I’m not against seeing this.

Prediction-Will stink, but will have fun viewing.

The Endless– I was reading up on some lists of upcoming horror and I totally forgot this film was going to be premiering for many in 2018.  Let me warn those excited that you will miss so much of the film asleep and not even regret it like I did.

Prediction- You figure out which of your friends is clearly deranged.

Piercing– A man seemingly headed away on business, has something more sinister planned for an escort service.   I am interested to know how this does at Sundance. Something I am really looking forward to.

Prediction-An indie horror front runner for the year.

The Open House-Does anyone else feel like Dylan Minette was forced to do this movie due to contract enforcement after being in 13 Reasons Why? Enough said.

Prediction-Sucks, but hey if you have Netflix why not?

February 2018

Winchester House– For at least 15 years, I have recommended this house for anyone looking to do a West Coast trip.  The Winchester heiress fears souls killed by the guns are haunting her.  This incredibly eerie, yet true story will hopefully depict this strange tale with this beautiful house.  Also loving the fact that Helen Mirren is the lead because I can’t name one bad movie she’s ever been in…?

Prediction- Not going to be very good, yet might inspire you to travel near San Fran.

Annihilation–  Not really sure what the hell this movie is about, but it’s under the genre of drama, horror, thriller, mystery, and sci-fi.  Plus if its anywhere near as savage as Natalie Portman was at the golden globes, then I am in.

Prediction- Worth seeing, yet isn’t a horror movie at all.

Game Night- I cannot take Jason Bateman seriously, but he’s somehow in a comedy horror.  A group of people accidentally are playing for their lives and the premise seems awesome (yet familiar), but I am only sensing laughs instead horror….

Prediction- Enjoyable yet doesn’t feel like a horror movie at all.

Revenge– Who doesn’t love when the female gets screwed over and comes back with a vengeance.  After a mistress is raped and left for dead, she comes back to kill those fuckers.

Prediction- If it lives up to the hype, I guarantee I love every second. Really pulling for the lead to rebound from how terrible Rings was.

The Lodgers– Twins share an abandoned estate after the deaths of their parents.  They must follow strict rules to stay alive. The twins must always be asleep by midnight, may not allow a stranger in the property, and never escape because it’ll put the other’s life at risk.  I always love movies with a twist and this is feeling like some M Night shit. I felt uneasy watching the trailer and it’s carrying some serious The VVitch undertones.

Prediction- Going to carry the raves that The VVitch, The Babadook, It Follows, and It Comes at Night carried. One of the most uncomfortable of the year.

Death House– During a secretive tour, two agents are forced to fight an army of horror-like creatures.



March 2018

The Strangers: Prey at Night– I still remember being a teenager watching The Strangers upstairs in bed in my parents’ 8-bedroom home.  As the movie concluded, I recall hearing someone coming up from the basement. In fear for my life, I pulled in a knife and sprinted downstairs just to thankfully see my mom.  I can only hope this movie has the same effect as the original and kicks off 2018 horror with an awesome sequel.

Prediction- Not going to be anything memorable.

Thoroughbreds– While not technically under the horror genre, I believe planning to kill one’s stepfather qualifies.  This is under top five films I am most excited for and the cast is just all-star.  Also breaks my heart that this has got to be Anton’s last film.  He hasn’t been with us for some time, yet his presence lives on.  I hate to see him go, but would love to see one of his final performances blow the audience away.

Prediction- Going to be loved by people who love good films and loved by people who love good performances.

Unsane– So much buzz surrounds this movie yet we know virtually nothing about it.  Just that a woman is forced to face her worst fears while being committed.  Sounds like a generic storyline, yet so much buzz.

Predictions-I’ll want to hate it, but I’ll know it’s actually amazing.

Terrifier– This was the only film of the festival that I was so bummed I missed out on.  Art the Clown is at it again and coming for anyone he can kill.  Apparently, this film is unpleasant at times and I wish I was apart of its screening in August.

Prediction-Not for the overly sensitive.


April 2018

A Quiet Place– Who doesn’t want to see a Hollywood power couple star out of their realm and into a genre on the rise. This movie is definitely going to be one you can’t miss in theaters as to never lose the storyline or get distracted.  Has some It Comes at Night feels and I’m thinking we are going to get some critic love.

Prediction- Ehhhh I really want to see I am going to love this film and I am really hoping I will…BUT and that’s all I’ll say.

Cloverfield 3– Geeze, I almost don’t want to put it under April since they have pushed this back so many times.  Here are my concerns- three push back dates, no poster, and no trailer.  I am excited. I am dying to see it. 10 Cloverfield Lan was easily my favorite film of that year and Cloverfield is easily one of the best-found footage films of all time. JJ I am hear awaiting and it is the film I want to see do well in 2018 because I need more of this universe.

Prediction- Because it’s been pushed back so much, I can’t imagine JJ is happy with it, yet both of its predecessors were fantastic.  Not going to be as good, but definitely going to open to another installment.


May 2018

Slenderman– Will this be what the Bye-Bye Man wasn’t?  I’ll tell you right now it won’t because Doug Jones is not in it.  It definitely seems to take a more mind-fuck approach, but I am banking this movie is forgettable and just an easy way to make some money on an urban legend.

Prediction- Going. To. Suck. Without. Doug. Jones. Or. A. Shitty. CGI. Dog.

July 2018

The Purge: The Island– I will attend these screenings all day, but I just have no idea why this would start on an island? I’m guessing so people won’t be held accountable? I loved all three films (even though the first one could have been better if given more time to create), yet I am very skeptical of the fourth entry.  Hopefully, it doesn’t die after this as I feel this is a connecting movie for something bigger in a fifth installment.

Prediction- Forgettable, yet tolerable.

The Nun–  As I was typing about the Purge, I thought why isn’t this coming out on Friday the 13th? Then I realized it was because no film would ever want to compete against this highly anticipated chapter in The Conjuring universe.  We’ve been teased for two years and it’s time to see if it lives up to the hyper of the first two movies plus the excellent Annabelle: Creation.  We’ll just pretend the first Annabelle didn’t happen.

Prediction- I refuse to believe James Wan will let this movie suck. It will be one of the scariest of 2018.

August 2018

The Predator– According to the studio, it is not a reboot or remake or sequel so then what the hell is it?  Whatever, I’m still going to see it.

Prediction- Good movie, yet not really a horror movie.

The Meg– Am I the only person that is 100% not interested in this film.  Feels like a poor man’s Deep Blue Sea or Jaws.  Say what you will, but I still haven’t even seen The Shallows, even though I heard good things.  No I do not want Jaws to be remade, but nor so I want a prehistoric shark being put on the big screen.

Prediction- Going to be more of an action film and will probably be good, yet I REFUSE to see this movie!

Captive State– There is no trailer and no insinuation that I’s a horror movie, yet there are aliens and some fighting, thus I am adding it to the list.

Prediction- Very ok.

Cadaver–  The description reads it’s about a cop who takes the graveyard shift and some weird happenings insue.  Haven’t even heard of it until IMDb, yet my interest is peaked.  Also what the hell is up with all these horror movies in August? Is it because Annabelle: Creation did so well last year around this time?

Prediction- A fun B-Horror movie.

The Little Stranger– A family claims to be haunted and a doctor takes on this patient with both parties in for something sinister.  Domhnall Gleeson’s acting is top notch recently, thus proving this could be a film to look out for in 2018.

Prediction- Has all of the right ingredients for a film, yet tries to carry too much.

September 2018

Goosebumps: Horrorland–  This is my favorite Goosebumps story (eek!!!!) and Jack Black is back.  I thoroughly enjoyed the original and would love to continue to see my favorite characters as a child on the big screen.

Prediction- Fun Family film that lives up to the original.

The House with a Clock in its Wall–  Once I saw Eli Roth and an allstar cast attached, I knew this was going to be interesting.  Whether it’s good or bad, we will soon find out, but apparently, the book is incredible. Last week, I purchased the book. Check back on my update as to whether I feel gory beloved Roth can handle this.

Prediction- I am going out on a limb here and saying Eli Roth shocks everyone and delivers.

The Return of Killer Klowns from Outer Space– Is anyone else confused as to why no one has spoken about this and I had to find out through Ehhh……..

Prediction-Doesn’t even touch the original in terms of love.

October 2018

Venom– A horror superhero movie not including Spiderman in its cast….ehhhhh.  I’ll let Jason share his thoughts on this one…

Prediction-Going to be good, yet might not feel like a horror movie.

Hellfest– A costumed killer at a theme park begins killing innocent attendees who believe this is part of the show.  Hmm, not against this idea and always in for a not serious, yet fun killing horror movie before Halloween.

Prediction- Some Halloween fun for people who aren’t looking to tear this film apart.

Truth or Dare– I am ready for more Blumhouse low budget films.  The early reviews prove it sucks, but I don’t fucking care.

Prediction- Sucks, but I love every fucking second of it.

Halloween– Easily the most anticipated horror film of the year among fans, critics, and skeptics.  Laurie and Michael finally reunite after 40 years. Last year, I finally went to LA and passed the infamous houses and noticed a clean-up crew from the studio, working on the houses.  I am guessing we are going to be in for a real treat as I refuse to believe Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle, and John Carpenter will let this film fail.

Prediction- Almost fully delivers, but never lives up to or surpasses the original. I have a funny feeling people are going to be slightly disappointed, but not bitter.

Overlord– The story of two American soldiers behind enemy lines on DDay.  Yes, I don’t know how this even sounds like a horror movie besides heroes risking their lives. Guess we are all in for a surprise. pause for 30 minutes Okay I was reading up on this movie and apparently JJ is involved and it might have to do with Cloverfield. Time to faint. Also maybe that’s why they keep pushing back the other film.

Prediction- Excellent film, but unsure if it’s a horror movie.


2018-No confirmed release dates


Polaroid– I was all into seeing this movie that I knew would suck and now it has not release date L Will I ever get to see people die because their picture is taken with an old ass camera….please let that be a yes.

Prediction- Sucks but watchable.

Ghost Stories– Did anyone else get goosebumps while watching these trailers promoting this film? Again I refuse to be disappointed with the early reviews and Martin Freeman in toe.

Prediction-A movie that keeps you thinking about it long after viewing.

The Barge People– Two couples are away for the weekend when sea-like creatures begin hunting them down.

Prediction-Safe to say this may not be great, but the creatures look cool AF.

Veronica– After Plaza’s genius with [REC], who would not be dying to see this film about a girl who becomes possessed by a Ouija board.  Already has very good reviews and who isn’t looking for some foreign horror fun?

Prediction-100% lives up to the hype.