One thing I always really enjoy doing is going back through old shoots with fresh eyes and seeing what new twists I can come up with. So sitting around the other night trying to stay in a creative mind frame and keep being productive. I went through the photos from our Riverdale themed shoot and came across one of my friend Wilnette that stood out to me. 

It was a simple photo of her with blood dripping down her chin, and looking at it as a whole, it wasn’t the best pic as part of it was even a bit blurred, but upon cropping it to give it some more dynamic composition, I really kinda fell in love with how it looked and proceeded to edit it a bit more giving it a bit of a 60’s vibe right down to the font choice. It looked ideal for a promo image and is one im seriously considering printing up on flyers for the site. I added in the fang and pink background/tint and it just all came together. I often love to play with photo crops to create “teaser”-esque images and this is one of the best examples of how fresh eyes and framing can change the vibe of an entire photo.

It was nice to get something like this done as I have been extra inspired to keep busy after my recent trip to NYC and while I have a number of projects finished up recently, none of them are ready to be shared yet so I wanted something new to post and just keep me going. It seemed to get a nice response on social media and from others I shared it with, so just goes to show, sometimes just going back to something months later with a different perspective and less pressure to finish something on time will result in something cool. Hope you guys dig it. Stay tuned for more.