At this point I have done a great deal of poster designs and now I am at the point where if I’m not trying something a bit different or pushing myself to think outside the box of things I have done before it can get boring for myself and I imagine you guys too. So for this latest faux movie poster I decided to go the “giallo” route and see what happened. 

The image utilized came from unused video footage from a shoot I did with Amber a while back. We were just trying out different things and the one thing even at the time it reminded me of was old Italian horror imagery. So this footage and imagery sat on the shelf so to speak for months, till I got the itch to make something new and dug into the archives to see what I could cook up. Now a few people have asked me if it was a real knife and the answer is yes, probably not something you should try at home with just anyone, but Amber and I know each other well and she trusted me enough to not kill her accidentally or intentionally. So I have to thank her for her trust on that. She did a great job and looks awesome in these shots. I think they make an eye catching addition to my collection of work.


Penetrazione Dell’ Acciaio (faux giallo one sheet)