With the hype train in full effect for the upcoming IT film, it seemed fitting to do something to get in on the action. While I at first thought I would sit this one out, my buddy Omar from Promotehorror.com persisted with his suggestion I create a new poster in time for the films release. So this past week I did a drawing of the new Pennywise and seeing the good response to it made me realize Omar was indeed on to something and I decided it would be good to keep productive and tackle a one sheet design for IT after all. 

The basic idea came to me pretty quickly, I don’t have a clown or a sewer or a real budget, but a boat and a balloon seemed easy enough to work into the design. As usual when making posters from scratch I like to photograph as many practical elements as possible. So the boat, balloon and blood puddle all were actually in the original shot together. One concession I had to make though was using the red ribbon instead of the white string for the balloon, the string would have been more accurate but it would have got lost in the image, so I decided it would be something I could live with. Have to give thanks to my friend Dany for making the boat and saving me time while I set up the rest of the stuff for the shoot.

So I worked on this image for what I would say is about 3 days, going through various versions. I also decided I wanted the font to be blood to match the puddle, so I knew I would paint it in blood myself, the first pass was okay, but it wasn’t really working for me in general, as I felt the smeared nature of the blood didn’t really fit in with what I was trying to do.  You can see below the original bloody text I painted and it’s application on the first draft of the poster. I also decided to add in Pennywise’s image into the balloon and warped it a bit so it’s there but not TOO obvious. So take a look at the first version of the poster that still had a long way to go to getting it to the final version you will see at the end of this post.


First Draft of IT one sheet design


Afterwards I showed and discussed it with my buddy and frequent collaborator Matt Durston and we both agreed I should try and redo the letters to make them more “drippy” and in turn it led me to changing up the puddle and also dropping the tagline entirely. I love the tagline but it just wasn’t necessary. So I went back and redid the letters using a syringe to suck up the blood and drip it out accordingly.

After doing this everything seems to have fell into place, particularly with the dripping blood added to the puddle and with a couple passes of different levels of texture added to give the piece some oomph, I had finally gotten it to a place where I was happy with the result. I think the result is a simple, yet striking image that represents the film well without overdoing it as so many posters can tend to do. I hope you all like the final version and if you do please feel free to share it and tag us in it too!

IT one sheet final design by TrueHorror.net