To all horror fans, Friday the 13th is a national (and international) holiday. We here at love finding ways to celebrate Jason Voorhees’ favorite day of the year whenever it rolls around. So this year with only limited time to do something, I opted to rework a poster design I had done but never fully utilized years ago. So read on to check it out. 

Originally this was all photographed practically, the axe and machete were layed out across my coffee table and the mask placed on top. However I never did LOVE the original mask I used in this even if it was still a pretty solid Jason mask, it wasn’t matching what I really wanted this to look like, so I got some help from Ryan at Cursed Camp Studios (be sure to check them out for all your Jason mask needs) who supplied me with a photo of one of his great custom hockey masks. Utilizing that I then decided to make the poster represent all of the Friday films so that I could place the title Friday the 13th on it, since otherwise it wouldn’t feel correct to me since Jason is not featured in the original film with that title. I opted also to change the posters framing color to red to make it pop more. In the credits I added many of the actors who portrayed Jason, actresses who played the final girls along with a choice few other cast members, finally adding all  the directors of the films as well. So while it was a quickly re-purposed image I still did put some new thought into it and I think it is absolutely better now than it ever was and judging on the positive response I got on social media from it when I posted it on Friday the 13th, the goal was achieved. Hope you all enjoy it.

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