Continuing their stellar line of “Ultimate” edition figures. NECA delivers another homerun with The Terminator affectionately known as the Tech Noir T-800 as seen in the original Terminator film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. While Terminator 2: Judgement Day (a film that has already seen 3 Ultimate edition figures produced ) is arguably the more popular film, there is a large contingent of fans who will always favor the original film, I myself am part of that group.  I find Arnold as the villain far more compelling than the neutered version found in the sequel, which while still amusing and cool, nowhere near as cool as the cold cyborg killer from the first. Where Judgment Day is a bonafied action sci fi flick, and is often touted as one of the best action films ever made, the original Terminator could easily be classified as sci fi -horror. Which obviously would help me prefer it to the sequel. Arnold’s look throughout the film changes as it goes on, and while his Leather Jacket, Sunglasses look during the Police Station Assault scene is easily the iconic look, featured on the poster and much of the marketing, my favorite look is from earlier in the film and that is what I was glad to see NECA release first as I sadly missed out on their original non Ultimate release of this version. So how does it all look? lets check it out!

One of the most appealing things about NECA’s Ultimate line is their packaging, each figure comes in a movie specific and collector friendly window box, with the cover flap mimicking the films original one sheet poster. While I was not the biggest fan of the ones they did for Terminator 2, I love this one and think it is one of their best looking ones yet. Each boxes cover flap opens up to reveal the figure and all it’s accessories. Tech Noir T-800 comes with a good amount of important ones as seen below.

While the leather jacket look has become a Terminator staple, he didn’t start out that way, he began with a sort of punk rock army jacket and it the sculpt work by NECA is superb. They capture the unique look perfectly and the paint apps on it, from the studs to the gold zippers look great. It really makes this figure stand out among the other Terminator figures that have been produced in the past.

Also of note are his matching gloves which are also painted well.

As you can see above and below the paint apps and details are all pretty much spot on and flawless, right down to the chain hanging from the jackets shoulder. The wrinkles in the jacket help hide the articulation really well and preserve the sculpt.

As for the articulation, the figure features we have come to expect with the humans in the ultimate line. Featuring articulation at all major joint points leaving him quite poseable, be sure to carefully move those joints though as mine were a bit stiff, but I prefer that to loose. The boots also feature some nice hidden ankle articulation which helps him stand as well.

As for the rest of the sculpt, you can see in the photos below that the likeness for a young Arnold is spot on, right down to his menacing glare. Arnold is an icon and having another great representation of him at his best is always a welcome addition to the collection. The Terminator also comes with three weapons, the signature 45 with laser site, an Uzi and a shotgun all accurate to the look of the film and all fit firmly in his hands. Speaking of those hands, he comes with an two left hands, one in a fist pose, the other can hold a weapon, his right hand is fixed in a weapon holding pose as well.

Ultimate Tech Noir T-800 comes with three heads. There is the main head that features Arnold with his longer hair and yes, his eye brows, there is a second head that represents his look after his eye brows and hair is burned off and the sculpt here is excellent and really captures his look from the film. The third “eye damaged” head goes with the last of the accessories, an entirely separate forearm that features his a rolled up sleeve, and a hole in his arm exposing his inner endoskeleton working. It is a great little detail and gives collectors value and yet another way to display this figure, depending on their preference. In addition the that damaged head and arm, NECA has included some surgical tools to boot.

Scale wise Tech Noir T-800 is in the usual NECA figure scale, but in comparison to Ultimate Part 6 Jason he seems a bit small, not sure if this is intentional (I imagine it is) but for more comparison, we have photos of him with Ultimate John Matrix, which he matches, and a comparison photo with the Classic Jungle Hunter, so you guys can be the judge. Regardless the figure looks cool with these other guys.

Now comes the fun part, one of my favorite things and the biggest reasons I actually like getting these figures is to take photos of them. It can be so much fun to try and bring life to them depending on how you photograph them. For this particular figure, it felt appropriate to step out of the apartment and head to the seedy blocks of downtown to snap a few shots and I was very happy with the results. The challenge of making the small figure seem part of the real world is always fun and I need to remember to try this out more often when the figure suits it. I hope you guys dig them!

If those pictures don’t convince you that Ultimate Tech Noir T-800 is another win for NECA and their Terminator line, I don’t know what to say. It is a no-brainer for any fan and I can see any casual collector really enjoy adding this incarnation of Arnold’s iconic character to their collection. Items like these are what make collecting fun and worth it. Highest recommendation possible.