It is not an overstatement to say Alien is a masterpiece.  Ridley Scott’s seminal sci fi horror film is a work of art and it owes a great deal to it’s titular creature designed by H.R. Giger. It is without a doubt in my opinion the greatest movie monster ever created. We have seen plenty of movies with aliens, yet none feel quite as frightening, fully realized and extraterrestrial as the Xenomorph. It has been 36 years since the original Alien film was released and no creature seen since (aside from it’s buddy the Predator) has had the cultural impact or longevity as Giger’s creation.  

Alien has spawned countless merchandise throughout the years. From Kenner’s original 1979 Alien figure, to their full blown toy line in 1992. Aliens have always been well represented on collector’s shelves. More recently highly detailed incarnations have been available from the likes of McFarlane, Hot Toys and of course the current license holder NECA.

NECA has done an outstanding job with the license paying extra attention to detail and releasing versions and characters never before seen. Their latest and in my opinion most impressive thus far (along with their recent Alien Queen release of course) is this revamped version of their 1/4 scale original Alien commonly known to fans as “Big Chap.” I initially missed out on the original release from a few years ago, but upon seeing the newest versions promo photos, I knew I wouldn’t miss out on this one. How does it stack up in hand? Lets take a look.

Now as great as the promo photos looked the moment I removed it from its shipping container I was even more impressed. Right off the bat the first thing that struck me was the beautiful paint application done to the figure. In the right light it looks like a Giger painting come to life. Upon removing it from it’s packagine, you realize how mammoth this thing is. The Alien features all the usual multiple points of articulation, including the jaw which opens to reveal the patented “inner mouth” which also extends outward when desired. It stands at 22 inches tall as opposed to the usual 18 inches 1/4 human figures generally reach, Making it an accurate height in comparison.

One thing of note for anyone interested in purchasing one of these. There are two different versions out there. The variant being all tied to the mouth. Some like the ones in the NECA promotional figures have the tranluscent lip more closed. Others like the one I received (and prefer) have the lip a bit more curled. The coinciding inner mouth as well is different in each of these with one have a closed mouth and the other open (as you can see in my photos.)

As collectors, we have to decide for ourselves what an item is worth and if it is a good representation of the character you are a fan of. In this size, the Alien comes with a higher price tag but at price tag of approximately $100.00 it is still decidedly more affordable and a great value than many of the other Alien collectibles out there. Many of them aren’t nearly as impressive as this is. 

There aren’t really any negative things to say about this piece. Truthfully it is my favorite Alien collectible I own and a must have for fans. I can say though that I have an issue with a very loose knee joint that I have already contacted customer service about replacing, but that happens from time to time on mass produced items and NECA is generally very good about helping in that area. I cannot stop taking photos of it, as you can see it looks great and movie accurate in low light but holds up and looks great in bright lighting as well. NECA has done a fine job of providing fans the opportunity to add a new revamped version of the Xenomorph to their collections and while the price may be understandably too high for some, the quality and value is certainly there. It is a centerpiece type of item that should be grabbed while it is still at retail as it will undoubtedly climb in price  and value soon enough.

 Check out some more of our photos to help you make the decision on whether or not you want one of these guys taking up residence in your home.