As silly as it sounded, whoever came up with the idea of turning Archie comics into a scandalous young adult show for the CW knew what they were doing. I have to admit, when I first heard about the show being turned into some sort of Twin Peaks take on the Archie comics I rolled my eyes and thought, no way is that a good idea. Then Amber told me, hey you gotta check out Riverdale, so she threw it on and we watched a few episodes and sure enough, while it still had that usual CW drama feel, it was also pretty stylish and actually a fun and dark (if not unexpected) take on the material. 

Somehow the show became a bonafied hit, leading to the second highly anticipated season making it’s debut tonight. When throwing around ideas for new photoshoots a while ago, Riverdale kept being tossed in the hat by Amber and Wilnette. So after a year of them wondering aloud to me when we would do the shoot and me ducking the idea (mostly because I had no real clue how to approach it) it finally came time. I agreed and then had to figure out how to put a TrueHorror spin on Riverdale. I think we did just that.

While Riverdale is at it’s core a murder mystery (at least from what I have seen of it), I was still having a tough time trying to figure out how to really get it to fit into a shoot that would work with the TrueHorror name. Amber really was instrumental in getting me back into shooting and wanted me to have content for October and I am truly grateful for that. She kept asking me about it and I kept saying “oh yeah I am ready, sure..” I dont think she ever bought that and it honestly wasnt till only a few days away from the actual shoot that she asked again about how we were going to do it and at that moment the idea came to me “What if Betty and Veronica were vampires?” and immediately she agreed that that should be the way to go (amazing because we rarely agree on anything right off the bat) and from there we decided to run with that concept complete with blood milkshakes.

When the ladies showed up to my place to shoot, it was so obvious just how enthusiastic and excited they were. They both looked amazing and completely in character as Betty and Veronica respectively. While I had a great deal of anxiety prior to this shoot for a variety of reasons, I knew from the moment they walked in that whatever they did would be great, so then I REALLY felt like the ball was in my court to make sure everything worked after the fact and that I didn’t let them down when it came to shooting and editing. I also decided to throw in a “Jughead Pumpkin” to really fit things into the Halloween vibe. The girls looked so great we had to take some “non bloody” photos as well so a few of those are included here as well. I took a TON of photos and there were SO many great ones to choose from. Wilnette and Amber made it hard to choose which photos to edit and use in this post, but I ultimately selected a choice few and I gather that I will still be editing many more of these after the fact because I don’t want to waste so many good shots. Still I only had so much time to get these done so I hope you enjoy what we have created here because I know the girls are really excited about these and they should be because this as far as I am concerned is their project first and foremost and they were just cool enough to let me help them realize it and bring it to life while showcasing it on my site.

I was relieved when I showed them the final products and they wholeheartedly approved as I really wanted to come thru for them and  deliver some photos they really would be proud of. It was a long night of shooting but it was also a long night of fun and when the results turn out the way they did with these photos, I think it goes to show how great a job they did. I can’t thank them enough for not only trusting me with their little passion project but also pushing me to get back into shooting. I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed creating them. These should help get you all in the mood for the new season of Riverdale though I doubt we will be lucky enough to get vampires involved in the show anytime soon, but hey ya never know!