After setting up the initial version of in 2010, I was contacted by Nathan Hanneman, editor of HorrorHound Magazine. He saw a photo I shot of Michael Myers standing above his dead victim. The shot is from the waist down and we see his hands holding the bloody knife in the mechanic suit and boots. This shot intrigued Hanneman mostly because they were doing an issue on “slashers” and Michael Myers was not shown but simply implied. He asked if I would be interested in it being used in their magazine and of course I accepted.

After this, I spoke with Nathan some more and asked if he would be interested in me shooting original shots just for them. He liked the idea and the next thing I knew I was shooting a Nightmare On Elm Street inspired bathtub image for them, which ended up being successful and allowed me to shoot numerous advertisements for them in the future.

HorrorHound was the first time shooting for someone else other than myself and I loved the challenge. I learned a great deal and always pushed myself to make sure I got the shot they asked for. There were mixed results at times, but overall I am very proud of my work with them and extremely thankful to Nathan and hope we can continue to work together in the near future. If you have yet to read HorrorHound Magazine, do yourself a favor and check it out; it not only focuses on current horror films in production, but also specializes in discussing classic horror films in depth.