FOUND FOOTAGE 3D One Sheet by and Matt Durston

We are extremely excited to help reveal the new one sheet we created for the upcoming film Found Footage 3D from director Steven Degennaro. Co-designed with our good friend and frequent collaborator Matt Durston. We think the image is quite eye catching and fun, while keeping the spirit of those classic horror movie posters and VHS covers we all love so much.

Review: The Triangle

The Triangle is a film I was recently given the opportunity to check out. Knowing little about it but being a fan of mocumentary/found footage style films, I was intrigued. The plot and initial set up sounded very reminiscent of Ti West's The Sacrament. So while I was intrigued I was also hoping it wouldn't be too similar. Luckily it does a pretty good job at not only separating itself from that film but also from other mocumentary style films as well. It does so while delivering an eerie viewing experience


Anyone who knows this site, knows that we love our synth music. So today we wanted to share a new musical treat with you all. It comes in the form of the track from the artist known as Pilotpriest and it is entitled "Slasher" 


The Blair Witch Project is a very divisive film among horror fans. It seems to be a love it or hate it kind of thing. Ever since I sat down in the theater with my Dad, 17 years ago on opening day  I have been in the love it camp. It is not a film for everyone, it never has been, but if you were able to watch that film under the correct circumstances and put yourself into the shoes of Heather, Josh and Mike, you were rewarded with quite a chilling viewing experience. Now, 17 years later, we return to the Black Hills Forest, courtesy of Director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett, the duo who brought us the recent horror hits You're Next and The Guest now bring us BLAIR WITCH.

The Importance of Film Screenings and The Theater Going Experience

One thing I often find myself debating a great deal these days, whether it be online or in the real world is the value and merit of the theater going experience. In a time when streaming has become a legitimate and convenient method of movie watching, less people seem to feel the need to go to out to the theater to watch movies. Still I am of the mindset that they are missing out on something by staying home.


I really enjoyed Evil Dead 2013. I know some Evil Dead loyalists didn't care for it's grim and more serious take on the material, but I found it to be an effective and harrowing film, that delivered an intense and still fun theater experience. Director Fede Alvarez crafted a beautiful looking film, full of creative camera work, and arresting visuals. Not to mention the violence and gore was next level cringe inducing. Based on Evil Dead I was definitely anticipating what Alvarez would do next, and that brings us to Don't Breathe. 

Don't Fall Asleep : A Nightmare On Elm Street Fan Film

Recently we collaborated with our friend Diandra Lazor on a really cool poster project. We worked together to recreate the iconic one sheet to the original A Nightmare On Elm Street. Diandra is not only the ultimate Nightmare fan, she is also the biggest Nancy Thompson fan we have ever met.