presents CLUB RADIO : October Mix Vol. 5 Mixed by Ryan Harris

One of my favorite traditions at is pepping our annual October Mixes. Last year's House of the Devil inspired mix received a great response and I was really happy with how it turned out. This year it took a bit longer for me to find inspiration, but soon enough it came in the form of  one of my favorite horror films, Fright Night and it's famous nightclub scene. 

An Interview With Luke Barnett, Writer of FEAR, INC.

Back in August we attended the Popcorn Frights Film Festival in Miami. The festival opened with a film I knew very little about, but ended up loving. That film as you probably figured out by now was Fear, Inc. As I watched it, I kept saying to myself "People are going to eat this up, especially come October."

Review: FEAR, INC.

Opening night of the recent Popcorn Frights Film Festival in Miami kicked off with a film that other than seeing it on the program and reading the short synopsis, I had heard little about. As usual I opted to not read up on it and go in knowing as little as possible. That film was the horror-comedy Fear, Inc. and as it turned out, it ended up being a great way to start the fest and the crowd seemed to think so too.

Witching Season Films

I always say my favorite thing about is the cool, like minded people we get to meet thanks to the site. Case in point, Michael and Sadie Ballif. Michael is the mind behind Witching Season Films, who specializes in bringing Halloween themed short films to life.

Halloween 0:The Deprived - A metrofudge Memoir

My name is metrofudge and I am 27 years recovered from being the child of a former Jehovah's Witness. There. I said it. That felt good. What didn't feel good was missing out on everything fun that every friend of mine did growing up. Right off the bat you'd probably think Christmas but you'd be wrong.

A TrueHorror October 2016

October has finally returned, and with it a new TrueHorror celebration of all things Halloween. Last year we did quite a few things we enjoyed, however due to some crappy circumstances along with a poorly timed bout with the flu, we did not get to do as much as we would have liked. So this year we are hoping to make up for it a bit by getting a running start. Not only are we excited to celebrate Halloween, this month marks our 4 year anniversary.

This season we have all new photo sets throughout the month, starting today with a creepy fun shoot with our friend Andreina entitled Blood Harvest. which you can see right here.  We have others already shot and more planned and we intend to make them all happen. We also have a bunch of articles and reviews on deck that will help get you into the spirit of the season and keep you there all the way through the 31st! Sprinkle in a few interviews and with a little bit of luck, an all new TrueHorror October music mix and we are looking at a full slate of spooky themed fun.

We look forward to sharing it all with you as well as seeing everything you, our friends are doing all across the country and world. So please if you have something cool going on, please tag us or show us, because part of the fun of October is the fact that everyone has their own ways to celebrate and it's a blast to see it all. So stay tuned and lets get October going!

Blood Harvest featuring Andreina

It's finally October, and that means we are getting back to doing what we love most, celebrating Halloween all month long. Our favorite way to do that? Some photoshoots! Last year we had a few planned that we were unfortunately unable to get done due to all sorts of circumstances. This year is a different story and we are excited to share the first of many upcoming photo sets.