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Carved is something I had been working on little by little for about two years with my friend and frequent collaborator Holly. Initially conceived as simply a faux movie one sheet in 2012, it was after some thought and discussion that the decision was made to expand on the concept when I created the mask you see here to wear as a simple Halloween costume last year. The original plan was initially to film a short fake trailer, when I realized that unfortunately I didn't have access to the necessary equipment to do things the right way without half assing anything, the next plan was to tell a story sequentially in photos. Unfortunately due to scheduling circumstances beyond Holly's or myself's control we ran out of time to complete the necessary photography. However, that is not to say we didn't get to create some images that were cool on their own. Originally intended to just be promo images and faux one sheets in the vein of a film marketing/advertising campaign, these now will for the time being be all that comes of this concept, as it is specifically Halloween-centric and only is effective when it is created and presented in October. So while it is a bummer we weren't able to complete our original goal, we hope you still enjoy this look at what we were able to complete. I still feel all are strong creepy and fun images that serve their purpose and honor the spirit of Halloween and who knows, there is always next year!

Carved 1st teaser one sheet

Carved 2nd teaser one sheet

Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen : Sheyla Is Ready For HALLOWEEN

We are now in the homestretch everyone! Halloween is less than a week away and we have reached our final October installment of our "Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen" minimalist photo set series. What better way to close it out (for now) than with the character who is synonymous with the holiday of Halloween, the boogeyman himself...Michael Myers. When casting all these individual "Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen" I tried my best to match up the individual characters with the girls who could best embody that character in one way or another, whether it be physical appearance, personality or fandom. When it finally came to time to find someone to represent Michael Myers, I immediately thought of Sheyz. I wanted someone who's eyes had a certain intensity that I felt necessary to fit the character. So when I ran the idea by her and she said she would be happy to do it, I was really excited as well as relieved that I had filled the shoes of the character who for me, was the most important to have represented in this series for the month of October, without Michael, it would feel very incomplete for me. 

As soon as we snapped the first few shots I was really thrilled as I knew these would be as good as I had hoped. 

Sheyz was also happy with how they turned out just from seeing the first few shots and that put her at ease as well which resulted in some of my favorite shots from this whole Blood, Babes and Boogeymen series. 

Overall I had a difficult time choosing which of them to edit and include in this post, but I guess that is a good problem to have. Michael Myers is my favorite horror character and I really wanted to make sure the photos representing him were top notch. I am really proud of these photos, Sheyz looks awesome, wields the knife well and she really delivers an intangible quality to them. We definitely feel they are a great way to start off this final week of October and hope you dig them as an addition to the series of sets that has come before them. 

October Nights With Sheyla

One of my favorite things about this time of year is when I get to collaborate with people who truly enjoy horror and the month of October. It gives us a very creative and productive way of celebrating the Halloween season.. So when Sheyz and I got together to work on some stuff, I had a pretty good idea it would be fun as well as result in some great images. On this particular day we were working on multiple concepts, one of which is an upcoming Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen set that will be revealed soon enough. The other was the cover to our 3rd Volume of October Mixes - "H3: Season of the Synth" which can currently be streamed or downloaded for free here . The set up for the cover shoot lent itself well to some additional casual shots of Sheyz just doing some Halloween themed unwinding. So here they are and be on the look out for the other projects her and I have coming up that I am really hyped about.

One thing I love doing when the opportunity arises is to dress the "set" so to speak, and fill it with all kinds of items that make it fun for people who really take their time and look at every aspect of the photos. It seems like every Halloween I do a photo similar to this with some type of different spin on it. So while these shots are essentially an extension of the cover photos we shot for the music mix, they work well on there own as some fun images that carry the spirit of the season with them and their decor. You can take a look for yourself and see what items you can spot strewn about in the foreground. Mostly everything was selected specifically for one reason or another and not there by accident.

Shooting with Sheyz was great, the camera loves her and her energy and personality went a long way towards getting everything we needed at the tail end of a busy weekend. In total all the photos and setups we worked on took a few hours, but it honestly never felt like it.  I definitely wanted to make sure she was as happy with the shots we were getting as much as I was. Overall I was ecstatic over the shots we snapped for the album cover and feel like these fun and relaxed shots were just the icing on the proverbial cake, and immediately knew they would make for another satisfying post. 

The First Annual Halloween Art Show

Throughout this first year of this new incarnation of, I have met and made many new acquaintances that I wouldn't have otherwise and that in itself is definitely worth all the time and effort put into this site. Many of these new friends also happen to be really talented artists who's work is always inspiring me to get back into drawing on a regular basis. With that being said, I thought up the idea to utilize the site to bring all of these artists together with two purposes. One being to showcase a group of different artists in turn hopefully helping them all reach new audiences and gain more exposure. Second being to celebrate the month of October and the Spirit of Halloween. This is a project I am very proud of as it brings together such a diverse group of people who all have a love for this holiday. I have to thank all of you who have contributed to something that I hope you will enjoy and be proud of having your work shown in. So with that being said, lets get right down to it and bring on the Halloween art!

Click on the first image to launch and and scroll through the gallery!

Scarecrow by Manuel Quinones of  From Somewhere
Trick or Treating Gremlin by Jason R. Sheppard of

Toxie by Alexis Salvador
Twitter: @Daeminium
Instagram: @mylifeisinfected

Skull & Flowers by Mik DWyer
instagram: @puritytattoo

Jesus Piece Zombie by NYC artist Opizet
instagram: @opizet
Wise Clown by Leo Scaletta of all4oneart
instagram; @all4oneart

Trick r' Treat by Tiffany Goettel
instagram: gypsybot

The Curse of the Werepumpkin by dedguy

Monster Rock by Cole Roberts
instagram: lifeofcole
Trick or Treat by Sadist Art Designs
instagram: @sadistartdesigns

Patrick Bateman by Travis Falligant
instagram: @ibtrav
Sam by Matt Durston
instagram: @godonvoodoomoon

Pumpkin Ghoul by Megan Miller

Wednesday Final Form by Joey Dion
instagram: @joey_zero

Michael Myers (RZ) by Mike Ragard
Instagram: darkalleyart
Cthulu Trick or Treating by Karla Quintana

Sam by Keith Patrick

Sports Zombies by Quinton Pincoske

Stiched Vampire by Alina Pincoske

Pumpkinhead by Jason R. Sheppard of

Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen : Krystal Will Make Sure You Never Sleep Again

As October keeps creeping along, we have arrived at the fourth installment of our ongoing minimalist Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen series. Todays set features one of our favorite models Krystal. Krystal and I have worked together on some of our favorite projects, the popular "Good Morning" Child's Play  breakfast scene inspired photoset as well as our throwback creature feature one sheet images for "Lurk". Now it's her time to take on one of horror's most well known characters. The Nightmare man himself, Freddy Krueger.

It's only right that Krystal make her appearance in this Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen series as Freddy Krueger. It was with her that the project came to be, it was a couple of months ago when we got together and just decided to shoot something to stay productive in between planned shoots. So she threw on the glove, sweater and snapped some shots and that was it. The pics were cool, and I posted one prior that got a decent response. However thinking more about it, I thought it would be fun to expand on the whole concept and of course when it came down to it, it was time to redo Freddy Krueger and improve upon the original shots that started this whole thing. I feel we have definitely achieved that and Krystal looks absolutely great in these photos. We have to thank our friend Mirkala for all her assistance with Hair and Makeup on these as well. She was a great help in all this and really made a difference.

We hope you have all been enjoying this series of sexy spins on the iconic slashers by the ladies and we hope this newest set is no different.  Thanks as always for checking these out and keep your eyes peeled for the next installment.

Blood, Babes & Boogeymen : 8-Bit Erika

For our third installment in our ongoing Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen series, we are taking it back to the year 1989. This was the year that video game publisher LJN released the Friday the 13th Video Game onto the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a pitiful game at the time that no one really seemed to really enjoy other than the fact that we were being chased by an oddly colored Jason 8-bit sprite version of everyones favorite Crystal Lake dweller, Jason Voorhees. The game came and went and that was that, outside of a few collectors here and there, no one really care or often times, remembered this game existed.

It wasn't until as recently as 2013 when a poster going by the handle Dogmatic on a message board named Movie Maniacs, decided to repaint his Jason Voorhees figure to match the odd color scheme found in this old game. Well soon after that he showed it to toy company NECA who quickly capitalized on the great idea (giving him credit as well) and proceeded to create an official action figure of this purple and sea blue Jason. Next thing you know, everyone is getting in on the craze and it has now become one of his iconic looks. Thats the short version of that story, Now we get to our shoot.

Erika and I had been wanting to work together on something for a while but never got timing or concept right. When I decided to expand on the Blood, Babes and Boogeymen concept that the perfect opportunity arose. Erika had recently dyed her hair a vibrant shade of blue, it instantly reminded me of the popular NES Jasons mask and I also knew that Erika was an avid gamer and horror fan. So when I asked her about doing the Jason character she was really into it. We figured this would be a much more eye catching version of Jason to interpret and we feel after finishing them up that you would definitely agree. We are definitely excited with the results and are pleased to welcome Erika into the family with such a fun shoot. There will be more from this shoot updated to the post soon as well. So be sure to check back soon!